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Electrical Plant Installations

Fused PVC allows long lengths of PVC conduit to be assembled and installed in a single pull-in. Multiple conduits are typically bundled together for installation. The casing is installed via traditional HDD methods with the conduit bundle (with spacers) being slip lined into the casing. At high voltages, eddy currents and magnetic fields can be generated as electricity passes through cables shrouded in a metallic casing. The use of non-metallic casings reduces ampacity loss by as much as 30%  by not allowing these interference to form resulting in a greater load being transmitted through the cables.

The inner surface of the PVC conduit provides a very low friction surface over which the high voltage/extra high voltage cables are pulled during installation. Typical jacket materials are HDPE and PVC.

  • substations
  • conduit duct banks
  • transformer and switch vaults
  • secondary pedestals and H frames

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